Our company acquires, manages, analyzes, and publishes data related solutions that assist small and medium size businesses with accomplishing strategic goals.We believe the best strategy for delivering these products and services is to admit most businesses already have valuable data systems in place. It’s just a matter of identifying, organizing, and activating those components.By focusing on what’s already working and removing the non performing components, we save your organization valuable time and resources. Our approach is simple to understand and comes with over 20 years of consumer research and analytics experience.We want our relationship with your business to be defined by growth, innovation and success!


Malaika Walls is the co-founder and CEO of NJXX LLC, a database driven research and analytics company. Malaika brings over 20 years of media, consumer, and new product development research and analysis to the company. Her work has driven successful business strategies and marketing tactics of top media companies including HBO, Showtime, Sundance, Sesame Workshop and Smithsonian Channel. She has focused on domestic and international ventures—always with curiosity and a commitment to innovative research solutions. Malaika holds a bachelor’s in Biology from the University of Louisville.


Don Robinson co-founder and President of NJXX LLC, a database driven research and analytics company.He is a technology enthusiast who is passionate about the prospects of big data. Don has also published a report about the millennial generation and their perspectives in our 21st century Knowledge Economy. Don holds a bachelor’s in Agronomy from the University of Kentucky.